Maloney: Rock Hard has almost 70 per cent of market

Rock Hard Cement held a technical seminar at The Villages At Coverley
February 24, 2016
Rock Hard Cement off to a Winning Start
April 4, 2016

Maloney: Rock Hard has almost 70 per cent of market

ROCK HARD CEMENT has seen concrete evidence their entry into the local market is paying off.

Spokesperson Mark Maloney said his company now has close to 70 per cent of the market share among users of cement in Barbados.

Maloney was speaking at a technical workshop entitled Enhancing Strength & Expertise in the Concrete Industry held at the Villages at Coverley Resource Centre, Christ Church.

About three months ago, Rock Hard entered the local market, which put an end to Arawak Cement Plant’s monopoly.

“The feedback from customers has been overwhelming … The quality of the product exceeded expectations and that the consistency of the product is bang on.”

In the coming months Rock Hard will be exporting to other Caribbean territories, including St Vincent and the Grenadines and Trinidad and Tobago.  (TG)

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