Rock Hard Cares Foundation Remains Committed To The Community

Rock Hard Cares Foundation Remains Committed To The Community

Local charitable Foundation Rock Hard Cares has reached out to schools across Barbados to assist with the stationery needs of students.

According to Project Administrator with Rock Hard Distribution Ltd. Ashley Maloney, back-to-school can be a challenging time for families , especially for those with children transitioning to secondary schools. Rock Hard Cares is working with government Secondary Schools throughout the island to assist First Form students with some of their stationery needs.

“The team at Rock Hard Cares believes that each child should have access to the tools needed to help them navigate their educational journey. Therefore, we have decided to donate these stationery items, specifically to the FirstFormers as they would have recently transitioned into new environments. The stationery will also assist children who are still experiencing some difficulty accessing school supplies.”

Deborah Anne Reid delivering supplies to Deighton Griffith Secondary School

The Rock Hard Cares Foundation was established in 2018 by Rock Hard Cement (RHC) and is dedicated to lending assistance within the communities in which RHC operates. The stationery items donated include pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and rulers all packed in pencil cases. The schools include The Ellerslie School, The St. Michael School, Princess Margaret Secondary School, Queens College and the Ann Hill School, to name a few.

Quotes from the Principle of St. Michael School, Dr Mayers “It is inspiring for the students to see someone giving back.”

Quote from the Principle of Ellerslie School, Lt. Col. Errol Brathwaite “Anytime we have initiatives such as this we welcome it. You always find that there are children that need that guidance so you have to ensure that safe environment are there and motivate them because many of them are not given anything, so the main fact that they received something alone, that starts the process that says somebody cares. That is why i appreciate it so much”

First Form student of Deighton Griffith School "On behalf of the young leaders of tomorrow, we thank you for this kind donation and we will surely use it as best as we can."

Justin Maloney with The Foundation School Principle, Mr. David McCarthy

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