Giving Vincentians another option when it comes to cement

BUSINESSMAN RYAN GONSALVES is giving Vincentians another option when it comes to cement, with the introduction into the market of the brand, Rock Hard Cement. And according to Gonsalves, the new cement, which is packaged and made in Turkey, is not only cheaper than the competition, but an altogether better product because of the way it is made. Rock Hard Cement was established in 2015, with the primary objective centered around building a strong distribution network to supply the Caribbean region with quality cement on a consistent basis.

“Our plan is to deliver effective solutions to our distribution partners and their customers at an acceptable price with consistent results”, Gonsalves said in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday. He explained that Rock Hard Cement is a blended hydraulic cement of superior quality supported not only by the manufacturer, but by independent testing certification, along with testing and development in precast and ready-mix plants in the region.

Rock Hard blended hydraulic cements are produced by blending Portland cement and other cementitious
materials like slag, fly ash, silica fume, clay, hydrated lime and other pozzolans. According to Gonsalves, builders are better off with Rock Hard Cement, as the use of hydraulic cement in readymix concrete reduces mixing water and bleeding, improves workability and finishing, inhibits sulphate attack and the alkaline aggregate reaction and reduces the heat of hydration.

“Rock Hard Cement offers various types of hydraulic cements which have a lower CO2 footprint resulting from our lower clinker content, due to the addition of supplementary cementitious materials. The introduction of blended cements reinforces our strong commitment to the industry,” said Gonsalves.

Rock Hard Cement can be bought at Minors Hardware on the Vigie Highway, at General Hardware on the
Arnos Vale Stretch and at Browne’s Hardware in Kingstown. “We provide quality, consistency and strength,” stressed Gonsalves.(LC)

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