Single Sling Bag
Bulk Orders
Reinforced Concrete
All strength classes, specifically those in the range of C20/25 to C40/50

Precast Concrete Products
All types of plain concrete precast elements (paving bricks, paving slabs, curbs, masonry blocks, etc.)Reinforced and precast concrete, prestressed and post tensioned concrete.

Road Pavements
Soil Stabilization, bound granular base layers, Concrete Surface layers

Architectural concrete

General purpose grout

Sprayed concrete
High early strength development

High strength at all standard ages

Wide range of uses and high performance, even in moderate aggressive environments

High workability
Particularly suitable for environmental exposure class XC Safety and Precautions.
Avoid placing concrete under low temperatures

Provide adequate protection and cure according to correspondent standards.

Follow the standard minimum cement content and maximum water/cement ratio.
Use proper protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection equipment.

The production of this cement represent a CO2 emissions reduction.