Together we build stronger……Go Tridents!

‘Rock Hard’ Cements Title Sponsorship of Tridents for 2017
July 27, 2017
Rock Hard Cement Donation
October 2, 2017

Together we build stronger……Go Tridents!

Rock Hard Cement is proud to be rallying around and working alongside the Barbados Tridents in support of the wonderful game of cricket and camaraderie of sport. Following the recent press conference held at the Hilton Hotel last Saturday, our Regional Administration Manager Favienne Burnett echoed our sentiments, ‘This is a tremendous opportunity for RHC, through our commitment to sport, to continue to connect with people in the region through a positive medium. We are excited to see the performance of the Barbados Tridents in our second year of partnership and to support them on this journey.

We have developed strong social ties in the territories in which we operate and we share the importance to have good values in all that we do and recognize that fair play in anything promotes healthy competition and so the opportunity to support the Tridents aligns with our Social Responsibility Strategy.

We are confident that the impact on youth & sport will be positive and lead to building stronger communities and so we are happy to be involved.’

Keep a close look here for further updates as we head towards lots of exciting and entertaining cricket this year! Together we build stronger......Go Tridents!!