Waiting fuh de hard rock

Cement game change
November 24, 2015
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December 2, 2015

Waiting fuh de hard rock

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, so welcome to Hard Rock Cement, de newest company bout here. It getting plenty attention and publicity. De Brass Tacks folks have been giving it de kind of boost dat any CEO would welcome: free coverage, plenty talk – some would say hot air – from de usual six armchair experts who got de answers to everything, from life on planet Mars to de day of de second coming!

Now de Vendor know bout plenty hard things. I know bout .Hard Rock Café, I know bout hard times, and hardness too. And I know bout rock stone, a good Bajan product; but until now, not about Hard Rock Cement

De man at de helm is Mark Maloney and according to Markie, we gine get cement at bout 30 per cent less than de one from St Lucy.

Now, since cement is de main mix in a building de Vendor interested cause if Markie right, de Vendor gine be able to upgrade and upsize from board and shingle, starting at de back of de house and working till I reach de front. So Mark, anything you can do to put de Vendor into a bungalow gine buy my vote.

I gine lef de politics to de politicians. If savings gine get pass on, then I gine wid .Hard Rock Cement

I could hear de radio advertisement pun radio now:

“Hi, my name is Mark Maloney and wunnah know me. Wunnah know I is de fastest man pun four wheels bout here; when I pun de track at Bushy Park de car does be rocking and as yuh know, I is hard, hence de name Hard Rock. And just like my driving, I looking fuh winner’s row. I want to hear wunnah cheering, ‘dis concrete is de hardest hard’.

As wunnah know, I don’t compromise pun quality, I does strive fuh excellence in all dat I do. Just check Bushy Park race track – dis ain’t no softy softy cement; softy softy is fuh ice cream. Dis is de real thing, dis is Hard Rock cause when it set, it hard like rock stone and de price hard too. And wid de savings I gine bring, yuh could build on a lil dog house fuh de mother-in-law – build it good, yuh never know when yuh might have to sleep in it. De cement hard like me, so come to Hard Rock Cement. We does start hard and finish hard. !”

One of de things dat does irk Bajans is dat de current cement we does produce does sell way cheaper in other islands in de Caribbean. De explanation given fuh dis by de cement plant management don’t mek sense to de Vendor. It seem dat we getting charge more because de market can bear it. Nature abhors a vacuum and, as yuh know, iffing Mark Maloney see a opening pun de track, he gine seize it and win de race.

Normally I would expect dat if we producing something it should be cheaper here, not more expensive. Yuh mean I should have to pay more in Buhbadus fuh de rum we produce than buying it in New York? Dat mek sense to wunnah? Trinis does produce oil; gasoline cheap cheap down there, so dis business bout market pricing is a joke. Suddenly from de time Hard Rock Cement about to come pun de market, local cement prices drop.

In life, unless yuh do something, de people who does call de talk shows would not have anything to criticize, nothing to challenge. If Mr Maloney and he people didn’t create Hard Rock would de price of de other one have come down?

So if yuh see de Vendor mixing cement and putting up blocks, be sure it gine be Hard Rock Cement, and wid de 30 per cent savings I could get de madam something hard fuh Christmas! She always talking bout she would like a nice rock to wear pun she fingers. Anybody bout here does polish Bajan rock stones?

I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?

Via [www.barbadostoday.bb]