We are the Caribbean Cement Company

Communities to benefit from ‘Rock Hard Cares’ Initiative
August 29, 2018

We are the Caribbean Cement Company

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of you, our partners and customers, for your unwavering support. Your faith and commitment in our brand has enabled us to have the protective barriers removed, that for years put the interests of monopolies ahead of the interests of consumers. These monopolies have relied on Governments across the Region imposing high import duties on competition from imported goods and instead of respecting the purpose of this protectionism, these monopolies have abused their privilege by passing on higher costs with inferior products to consumers.
We set out to do the right thing by consumers and we will continue to do so!

We are the Caribbean Cement company!
Trinidad Cement Limited is owned by the Mexican company Cemex, the third largest producer of cement in the world. In short Trinidad [Mexican] Cement Limited would like our Governments to protect their monopoly in the Region so that they can charge consumers higher prices for cement and the Mexican shareholders can benefit.

Their profits are remitted and their loans repaid using foreign exchange unlike ours .

Rock Hard Cement is a true Caribbean company; all of our shareholders are in the Caribbean and all of our profits are reinvested into the Caribbean economy.

Let’s talk facts!

The CCJ ruled on facts and agreed that a product should be classified in the same way in CARICOM as it is everywhere else in the World. This is simple common sense.
International investors welcome free trade and transparent trade policies. State protectionism through high import tariffs acts as a barrier to foreign investors and investment.

As members of the World Trade Organisation we are expected to support the removal of protectionism in order to develop greater international trade from both imports and exports.


Jobs and opportunities are critical. By opening the region to international investment and trade, by reducing the costs of construction and making the Region a more attractive and transparent place to do business, we will grow and not only have more job opportunities, but better quality jobs.

We understand manufacturing, our core businesses are manufacturing and we have grown over the years not through expecting the Government to block competition, but by increasing efficiencies and reinvesting in technology in order to reduce costs for consumers. If, after decades of state protectionism at the expense of the consumer, manufacturers cannot compete against products which are imported even with the associated shipping costs and import duties and fees, perhaps the answer is to close shop.


We don’t compromise on quality. Our cements are of the highest quality, manufactured to the highest standards in the most modern plants with the best ingredients with uncompromising environmental standards. Nothing else will work for us. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric and manipulation of others.

We respect the rule of law! Trinidad [Mexican] Cement Limited brought the action in the CCJ and we defended our position. Now faced with a ruling that they don’t like, Trinidad [Mexican] Cement Limited wants to question the rule of law!

Perhaps it is because we are Caribbean that we understand right from wrong and are relentless in our quest. It is for this reason that we will continue to do what is right, we will continue to bring superior quality cement at a competitive price and we will continue to reinvest in our communities and the Region.

It is Rock Hard Cement that is building stronger, both cement and communities.

Thank you for allowing us to work with you as you build your part of the rock which supports the Caribbean economy.